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Internal Knowledge Base

Payroll Instruction and Accrual Setup

Employee Features - Schedules Time Sheets and Time Off


Time Entry for Team Leaders

Frequently Asked Questions (Basic How-Tos)

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Getting to Know Time Entry

Mileage and Expenses

My Schedule - Employee Schedules

My Schedule - Shift Bidding

Time Off and Vacation Requests

Common Problems

Scheduling - How to create and print schedules for your team

Basic Scheduling - How to

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Frequently Asked Scheduling Questions

Scheduling Reports and Settings

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Printing Schedules

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Schedule Configuration

Scheduling Tools

ShiftShark - How to use the web and phone apps to fill shifts

Setting Up ShiftShark in Inclusion

Using the ShiftShark App and Web Tool

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Time Clocks - How to set up and use Inclusion Punch Clocks with the system

Punching In - How Tos

Basic Clock Set ups - How tos

Employee ID Setup - How tos.

Web Punch - How Tos

Daily Approval - Calculating and Approving How Your Employees Will Be Paid

Making Changes to Shifts in Daily Approval

Statutory Holidays in Daily Approval

Using Biometric Clocks and Daily Approval

Mileage & Expenses

Daily Approval Basics

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Payroll - Your guide to input sheet tricks and how tos

Basic Input Sheet How-Tos

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Other Payroll Tips and Tricks

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Record of Employment (ROE)

Common Problems in Payroll

Year End - T4/T4A

Payroll Standards

Journal Entries

Editing User Ids

HR Beta - Tracking Important Employee Information with Inclusion HR

Setting Up HR Beta

Managing Employee HR Records

Inclusion Tips - learn the lingo and tricks of the system

Tips and Tricks

Complete Guides and PDFs

Inclusion Dictionary

Reports - Your guide to the number of different reports available in Inclusion

Report Options

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Specific Reports

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Report Basics

Employee Setup - Editing and Managing Employee Profiles

Basics - Creating and Editing Employees

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Employee Profile Standards - Templates and Payrates

Bulk Employee Changes

Training - Employee Set ups

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